Monday, June 18, 2007

Welcome family members

This blog is intended to collect and share with other Averills as many family stories, pictures and geneological documents as possible.

Please feel free to add info about each descendant under their name listed in the Blog Archive at bottom right. Please tell us who got the story (you or some other interviewer/family member/etc.) and from whom/where you heard it (which family member -- first person??? -- or Web page, historical document, etc.)

Helpful historical/family links and descendant e-mails also can be added to lists on the main page.

Having trouble adding info? E-mail me and I'll help, (the great-grand-daughter of Edgar Averill)

To access the blog, sign-in to (user:; password: averilloregon). Click "posts" to the right of the Manage option in the center of the page, then click "Edit" before the name you'd like to add to.

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